Installing solar panels is always a wise investment, but if your home is prone to power outages, it can be even more worthwhile. In this day and age, power is an essential part of life, and living without power for several hours or even days can be extremely challenging.

When those power outages hit, solar energy can keep your home running, and here’s how.

Will My Home Still Have Full Power During an Electric Company Outage?

Yes, your home can still have full power during an outage, but only if you take a few extra steps when you’re installing your system.

When you install your solar panels, you’ll also need to install a battery. This battery will be used to store the excess power that your panels create. Even though your home may not use it, your solar panels will continue to produce power as long as conditions allow them to do so.

Most days, the battery is used to power your home once your solar panels stop making energy, such as at night when the sun isn’t out. This ensures you’re able to keep using power and helps reduce your need to stay connected to the power grid. Once the battery runs out of power, though, you will need to rely on the power grid.

With a power outage, this changes, but only if your system is tied to the grid.

What Happens During a Power Outage if I Have Solar Panels?

If your system isn’t connected to the power grid, then your solar panels continue to make power for your home, and they continue to charge the battery. Once they stop for the day, your home can rely on the power stored in the battery. 

If your system is tied to the grid, it will shut down.

When your solar panels are connected to the grid and sending excess energy to the electric company, it means there is electricity traveling through the grid. This makes it unsafe for workers who try to restore power when an outage occurs. To protect workers, the company will shut down the rest of the grid, which includes the inverter in your solar panels.

Now, even when this happens, you can still have power if you have a battery. While your solar panels and the rest of the grid aren’t functioning, you can rely on the energy that’s been stored in your battery. It’s only with this battery that you’re able to power your home. Without it, you’ll be just as exposed to power outages as anyone else.

Many people choose an on-grid solar power system because they’re able to benefit from net metering or rest assured that even during the night, they’ll have access to power if they need it. However, when it comes to outages, on-grid systems are more vulnerable than off-grid systems.

Off-grid systems are entirely self-sustaining. You can’t tap into the grid system for energy when you need it, but you also aren’t at risk of experiencing power outages when the grid shuts down. With good batteries, though, this isn’t a big concern for off-grid households.

Are Solar Batteries Expensive?

It really depends on your budget and needs. Larger batteries that store more energy will cost more than small emergency batteries. It also depends on the brand of your solar panels and how large your system is.

For many people, the cost of a good solar battery is worth it to not have to worry about outages.


Solar power is one of the best ways to power your home with clean energy. With so many state governments offering incentives and tax credits, more and more households are making the switch. By adding a solar battery to your system, you can also protect yourself from grid outages and rest assured that you’ll always have some energy on hand when you need it. Call us today to ask us more about solar batteries and ensure that you don’t lose power, even during an electric company outage.