Heating your pool with solar energy is a great way to save on energy costs while enjoying a warm pool. Solar heating is an effective solution and can even be affordable, thanks to federal tax credits and state government incentives.

When it comes to using solar energy to heat a pool, however, there are some commonly asked questions, including how much control you’d have over your pool’s temperature.

How Does Solar Pool Heating Work?

Solar pool heating works similarly to regular solar energy powering. Using panels that are mounted on a roof, solar energy is used to warm small tubes that the water runs through. Some people choose to mount solar panels somewhere else, but most often, the roof is the most convenient location.

With pool solar heating, water from the pool is constantly run through water-proof tubes in the panels. These tubes are heated, thanks to the energy collected by the panels. By the time the water exits the tubes, it has been heated.

The pump used to circulate your pool water can also run on solar energy, making the entire system powered by solar. With this system in place, you can heat your pool by anywhere from 2 to 10 degrees in a single day!

How Much Control Do I Have Over the Temperature of My Pool With Solar?

Solar pool heating systems come with a controller so that you can determine the perfect temperature for your pool, whether you want to keep your pool warm at around 85 or 90 degrees or a bit cooler at 75 degrees.

The controller works automatically. It measures the temperature of the water in your pool and the temperature of the panels on your roof. When the pool temperature drops below your desired temperature, it will begin circulating the water through the heating tubes and back into your pool to warm it up.

Although the controller is automatic, you are the one who determines the temperature of your pool. You can adjust this temperature throughout the year if you decide you want your pool to be warm in the winter or cooler during the summer. 

If your controller has a winter function, you can limit the amount of time per day that the system runs. When you know you won’t be using your pool, you can use this function so that the system only runs a few minutes each day rather than all the time or frequently. 


Solar pool heaters are a fantastic way to keep your pool warm without increasing your home energy bill. They use renewable energy to keep your pool warm year-round and can be controlled through a myriad of functions.

Every solar pool heating system will be a little different, but the function and way it works will be similar. Now, you can keep your pool at the temperature you desire with the use of clean, renewable energy!