Solar panels are a fantastic way to save on energy bills and increase your home’s value. As a reliable source of renewable energy, more people are turning to solar panels to power their homes. But what about pools? Are solar panels able to heat large pools during the winter months? The short answer is: yes, but most likely only in the sun-belt states like Florida and Southern Texas. Keep reading to understand more.

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How Do Pools Stay Warm During the Winter?

Pools lose most of their heat on the surface. When the water makes contact with the air, the air seeps the heat up and out of the water, cooling your pool and making it hard to heat back up. In the winter, when temperatures drop and stay low, there’s no daytime heat that will bring your pool temperature up to a comfortable level. You’ll need a heater of some kind.

Most pool heaters are electric and work to keep the pool at an even temperature. Many people keep their pools around 80 degrees with their heaters. While this feels refreshing on a day where temperatures rise above 90, the same 80-degree pool can feel warm on days when temperatures hover around or drop below 70 degrees.

If your pool doesn’t have a heater, it won’t be able to maintain a consistent temperature. When outside temperatures drop, your pool’s temperature will drop with it. Even if the temperature climbs back up during the day, nighttime temperatures of 60 or 70 can have a drastic effect on your pool.

Is It Possible to Use Solar Energy to Heat a Pool?

Just like the rest of your home, it isn’t too difficult to connect your pool heater to solar panels. You will have to bring in a professional to take care of it, but depending on your current solar power setup, this will be done differently.

For homes that already have solar panels, connecting them to your pool’s heating system is perfectly possible. A professional will need to come in and rewrite your panels and extend the system to cover your pool heater, but it can be done.

For homes that have yet to install solar panels, connecting them to your heating system right from the start is possible as well. When your installers come, make sure to remind them that you want the system also to power your pool heater, and they’ll make sure it’s connected like it needs to be. 

Can I Heat a Larger-Than-Average Pool in the Winter With Solar?

If you have an exceptionally large pool, using solar energy to heat it can be one of the most cost-effective methods. You won’t have to pay higher energy costs to heat your entire pool, but you can still enjoy the warm water. 

To heat a larger-than-average pool with solar, you’ll need to invest in a larger solar energy supply. You’ll use more energy heating your pool than your neighbors would with a small pool, but it can be done. Just know that you’ll need to arrange for more power as your heater will require more energy to fully benefit your pool.


Solar energy is a great way to make your home more sustainable and help you save money on energy bills. If you’re looking for a way to keep your pool warm even during the winter months, it could just be the perfect solution. With the sun still shining overhead, solar energy will remain an efficient way to heat your pool and allow you to still enjoy the water in the winter months.