As solar technology advances, home installations are becoming more common and accessible across the country. Some states are even offering incentives to homeowners installing solar panels to encourage more people to make the switch. 

Like every type of installation, though, potential issues can crop up so knowing more about the process ahead of time can reduce your stress and help you know how to prepare for it. 

Factors To Keep In Mind For Solar Installation

  1. Roof Assessment

You’ll need to get a roof assessment before installation can begin. Some residential roofs cannot hold the additional weight of the solar panels so your roof may need to be reinforced beforehand. Don’t simply proceed with the installation if your roof isn’t yet ready as the panels may cause damage to your roof if it isn’t prepared for the weight.

  1. Roof Water Runoff

Your roof needs to have a way to allow water to runoff during and after storms. Wiring and mounting systems are necessary for your solar energy system, so it is vital to consider the best way to prevent excess water from building up.

  1. Rushed Or Improper Installation

In the event that the initial installation of your solar panels is delayed, it’s common for some companies to rush the installation job to make up for lost time. This is obviously not recommended, regardless of how experienced the team is. But, sadly, this is common with some installation companies and is something you should look out for. 

Rushing the installation of your solar panels can lead to inaccurate wiring, poor efficiency, or other problems. Also, a rushed job can mean that panels are dragged recklessly across your roof or even dropped. No matter what, you just don’t want a rushed or incorrect installation.

It’s crucial that the team that installs your solar panel system is experienced in order to avoid potential mishaps or inaccuracies. Our installation team always prioritizes safety and getting the installation done right instead of rushing, which will only create more issues down the road.

  1. Maintenance

Solar panels require regular maintenance to ensure they continue working properly and help you get the most out of your investment. Most installation companies will offer maintenance along with their installation package, so consider asking about this when you schedule your installation date. It’s easy to neglect your solar panels’ maintenance so it’s a good idea to start planning ahead even during the solar installation process.

  1. Roof Slope

You might not know this, but the slope of your roof will affect solar panel installation. The slope affects how much sunlight your panels receive, and too steep of a roof can create shadows across other panels in your array. With flat roofs, though, you may need to install tilts so that your panels can get the sun that they need.


Solar installation can come with its own complications, just like any other construction or home renovation project. When you hire an experienced and professional installer like us, the process of installing your panels will be much less stressful and you’ll be able to rest assured that your roof and panels are in good hands.