If you’re looking into solar power for your home, hot water heater, and pool, you’re probably wondering if it’s possible to do it all at once. Most people are more concerned with installing solar panels for one or the other, but what if you want to equip all three with solar power?

Solar power is a great clean energy source, but you might have some questions if this is your first time installing solar panels. Before we look at the answer, here are some things about solar panels you need to know.

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How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels are an advanced technology that is used to convert sunlight into usable energy. As they absorb sunlight, solar panels generate direct current (DC) that they then convert into alternate current (AC) which is used to power your home and appliances.

The converted AC energy is then run from the solar panels’ inverter to your home’s electrical panel to be used and distributed accordingly. This energy can then be used in any way you need: for your home, your pool pump, and anything else.

If you have any excess energy, it can be sent back into the power grid, and you’ll receive a credit from your power company. When your solar panels don’t produce enough energy, you can use this credit to use energy from your power company until your solar panels can produce more energy.

Can You Install Solar Panels for the Home, Hot Water Heater, and Pool All at Once?

Installing solar panels is a process, and depending on how big your solar panel system is, it can take a while. Typically, solar panels are installed on the roof of your home, so you may be limited in how many panels you can actually fit in your system. Your installer will help you with the estimate and arrange the panels to fit as many as you want or need.

If you’re installing solar electric panels for your home, thermal hot water heater panels, and pool thermal panels all at once, you’ll likely need a fairly large system. The number of panels needed for solar electricity is determined by your monthly kilowatt usage. Solar water heaters usually only need 1-2 panels and solar pool heater can be anywhere from 7-12 panels depending on the size of the pool and the temperature you are looking for.

In general, installing a solar panel system will take a couple of months. This is because your installer will need to acquire all the right permits and necessary agreements for your home from an electric company and the municipal government. In some cases, this may be completed within a few weeks, but the process is typically fairly time-consuming.

Luckily, you won’t need to apply for one permit at a time, which means that you can get all the permits and agreements at once. If you’re planning on using solar power for your home, hot water heater, and pool, you can do this all at once instead of in multiple steps.

Once your installer has the necessary permits, your solar panels can be installed. The entire system can be installed at once and usually within Two or three days.


Yes, you can install solar electric panels for your home, solar thermal panels for your hot water heater, and solar thermal pool panels all at once. As long as you have all the right permits and agreements necessary for everything, we can get it all done in one go as your installer.