Keeping solar panels clean is more important than you would think. The occasional rain fall might help every so often, but they still need to be checked on regularly by a Florida solar panel company in order to stay functional.

Rain can add new types of debris, even though it does help get rid of initial dirt and grime. Environmental factors, locations and other important aspects will determine how often you will need to clean your solar panels.

Cleaning your solar panels will help it keep running properly over time. However, you do need to keep some pointers in mind when it comes to cleaning your solar panels.

Cleaning Your Solar Panels

Turn Off The Solar Panels

Before you start cleaning your solar panels, you will need to power the system down. This is to ensure your safety while you’re giving your solar panels the thorough clean they need. 

The instructions on how to turn your system off can be found in the manual. If you are still having problems shutting it down, you may want to contact installers to help you.

Keep a Consistent Schedule

It’s important to follow a consistent cleaning schedule for your solar panels. Pick a time of day where the sun will not come down too heavily on the panels. This could cause the cleaning water to evaporate and leave dirty streaks, and it can also potentially cause you to get sunburned. The best time to clean solar panels would be early morning or late in the evening. 

In some places, you will only need to clean it annually or twice annually. In other areas, you will need to check on them more frequently. Environmental factors and climate factors can determine how much dust and dirt will accumulate on solar panels. 

If your solar panels are installed in an area that gets less rainfall or more dirt, you may want to clean them more often.

Cleaning Products

When you are searching for cleaning products for your solar panels, avoid products that are too abrasive. Anything too abrasive could cause your solar panels to become scratched, which could lead to further damage. This is something you will want to avoid at all costs. 

After all, you need to protect the glass on your solar panels while giving it a proper clean. You will also want to avoid strong and harsh chemicals that can leave streaks or damage the surface of the glass. Clean your solar panels with dish soap, sponges, and warm water to get the best results.

Wear Protective Gear

Be sure to use protective gear when it comes time to clean your solar panels. The gear will keep you safe from injury while climbing onto your solar panels. 

This gear might include work gloves, slip resistant shoes, among other safety gear you think may help you stay safe. You may also want to bring a ladder with you so you can climb up and down the solar panels safely. 

Professional Solar Panel Cleaning

If you have a busy schedule or don’t want to go through with the hassle of cleaning your solar panels, it’s worth hiring professional cleaners like us. As specialists, we will clean your solar panels and keep them in good condition. 

You also may not have the resources or means to get up on the panels yourself so it’s best to entrust the task to a professional company to get your solar panels properly cleaned.


Keeping your solar panels clean will help them run at peak condition. Get the most out of your solar panels by maintaining them consistently. If you’re unable to do so, it’s worth hiring a professional solar panel cleaning service since keeping your panels clean will also protect and prolong the life of your investment.