Before installing your solar panels, it’s wise to research and find out more about any potential issues and solutions so you won’t be caught by surprise. One unforeseen issue most homeowners don’t think about is animals making their home under your solar panels. 

Keep reading to find out why animals do that and what you can do.

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Do Animals Ever Nest Under Solar Panels?

Yes, birds, squirrels, and other critters can nest under solar panels, potentially causing damage to your solar panels. 

So why do animals love calling solar panels their new home? It is likely due to the way solar panels are installed. With plenty of space between solar panels and the roof to allow for ventilation and wiring, it’s the perfect shelter for animals looking to protect themselves against the elements. 

However, it’s not a good idea to let that happen at all. Problems such as bird droppings and nests will affect the effectiveness of your solar panels while reducing airflow and allowing heat to build up. In addition, droppings are highly acidic, and consistent droppings will undoubtedly lead to panel corrosion. 

Not to mention the potential of eggs, chicks, and other bird-related happenings that can be detrimental to your setup, creating a cycle of damage that can be hard to stop. 

Other creatures may even chew on the wiring connecting the panels, which can incur further costs. Animals might also cause scratches to the panels, which is definitely not great for sensitive photovoltaic cells. 

Exposed and damaged wiring will become fire hazards, especially if there is debris around. All in all, it’s in your best interests to ensure none of these happen with your solar panels.

How to Stop Animals From Nesting Under Solar Panels

Galvanized Steel Mesh

In terms of longevity, one of the best ways to prevent birds from building nests under the panels is using galvanized steel mesh. By clipping these meshes to the side of the panels, you will keep the birds from getting underneath the panels. A great advantage is that air circulation won’t be a problem, and the mesh will last for a long time, even against bad weather.

Decoy Animals

If you want to scare off any creatures looking to make a new home on your roof, then decoys can be a great help. Decoy owls or rubber snakes can do the job, scaring off any unsuspecting birds or critters and getting them off your property. Just shift things around once in a while, so the animals are none the wiser to your ruse.


Ultimately, your solar panels are a significant investment that deserves protection so they can work efficiently for your home. The last thing you need is animals damaging the system. Try the suggestions above and keep your solar panels working at optimal efficiency, free of animals.