Getting solar panels installed by Florida solar panel installers is an excellent idea in our state. You get to take advantage of energy savings and increase the value of your home while earning tax credits. However, you can’t forget about hurricane season, which might put your solar panels at risk. 

You do need to prepare your solar panels for the coming hurricane season so they can stay protected from storm damage, and you can continue to use those panels for as long as they last.

Preparing Your Panels For Hurricane Season in Florida

When a hurricane is approaching, you might do a few things like stocking up on perishables or making sure that you have water. But one thing you shouldn’t forget to do is to prepare your solar panels. So before that hurricane hits, get ready to help your panels weather the storm.

Existing Protection

First off, do know that your panels are not completely unprotected. They have been installed securely on your roof with long, sturdy bolts and are already built to handle various weather events. 

Now, this does not mean that there’s no possibility for damage, but you generally shouldn’t need to worry about your panels being pulled off your roof.

Most solar panels are made to withstand winds of 160mph, so as long as you have your panels installed by a professional, you really only need to worry about the possibility of damage.

Basic Checks

Before that hurricane hits, you can do a few things to reduce the possibility of damage. This includes inspecting all connections of your panels to the roof, doing a spot check to ensure there are no loose or missing parts, and checking that nothing is loose or in need of tightening.

Pruning Trees

While your panels will mostly be safe from rain and wind, there is always the possibility of damage. You can reduce this possibility by checking around your roof to see if there are any trees in the way. 

Ideally, you should have already pruned your trees to ensure your panels receive the most amount of sunlight possible. But do another check to make sure you don’t have any stray branches before the storm hits.

What Damages Solar Panels?

Realistically, rain is actually a good thing for solar panels. It will clear away the dust and debris that prevents the panels from working well. 

Wind shouldn’t rip up your panels either, and even hail shouldn’t damage your panels. Provided that you’ve bought good solar panels of high quality, there isn’t much that can damage your panels.

During a hurricane, the most significant cause of panel damage comes from poor installation, cheap materials, and corner-cutting. You shouldn’t have an issue as long as you have had yours installed from a reputable and professional company like ours.

Benefits of Solar Panels During Florida Hurricane Season

One of the biggest benefits of having solar panels, in general, is that they will save you energy. During a hurricane, this means that you don’t need to worry about running out of power, provided you have a solar energy bank.

Solar Energy Bank

A solar energy bank will store your solar power to provide you with a power supply. If the power does go out, this means that you won’t need to worry about your food spoiling or medication going bad. 

More broadly, communities can use this type of energy to ensure that traffic lights remain working and that there aren’t any interruptions in day-to-day life.

Business owners see a lot of benefit from having this type of energy stored up too since it will keep everything running through the storm.


Solar panels can do a lot for you throughout your daily life. Especially in Florida, where there’s a lot of sunlight, you’ll find that you can save a lot on your energy costs with solar panels installed. 

Don’t let the fear of hurricane season stop you either, since your panels are made to withstand the storm, and can be checked and prepared to ensure that they will stay sturdy.